Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#50 Is Within My Reach

Honolulu, Hawaii
Next week at this time I will be on an airplane headed for Honolulu. For me this is an important trip, and perhaps not for the reason you might think. It is because once I set foot on Hawaiian soil, I will have visited every single state in the USA! Yes, Hawaii is my 50th state. I am excited to achieve this goal for many reasons. I wonder how many people can claim they have visited all 50 states. When I say I have visited 49 states, I do not mean just changing planes in an airport. I mean that I have spent time visiting ... finding out what makes the state unique ... shopping in the stores ... visiting historical and geographical locations. This is a fun quest, and while it does take many years, it is a worthwhile endeavor. Why don't you join me by making this your goal? There are many inexpensive ways to travel.

In thinking about and planning this trip to Honolulu, I began to reflect back to when Hawaii was not a state. I remember this well because when I was a young child, I began to collect postage stamps. I still have my stamps from Hawaii, prior to its becoming a state. Then, when I was in the fifth grade Hawaii became the 49th state. For a brief time our national flag looked like this:

Seven rows with seven stars made up the 49-star flag.
This flag was not used for very long because soon after Hawaii became a state, Alaska achieved statehood. While I have been to Juneau, Alaska before, I will be visiting it again--along with Seattle--in May. But for now, stay tuned. My daily blogs about Hawaii begin next week.

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Bula Dr.M Im searching the internet and come across your blog, and im enjoying your pictures of the Polynesian Cultural Center and see a picture of the Fijian Temple in the Fijian Village. Please allow me to correct the information written. Yes it is one of only three but this specific temple was built at the center it was not shipped from Fiji..It was during my late dads era as a Chief in the Fijian village that this temple was built and he was the fuel behind the planning, construction and completion of the temple. Thank you.