Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Makes Pittsburgh Special

Would you pay $100,000,000 (one hundred million dollars) for a painting by this man? In 2009, his painting called Eight Elvises sold for that much. Who is this famous painter, one of Pittsburgh's most celebrated sons? His name is Andy Warhol. A museum dedicated to his artwork can be found in downtown Pittsburgh.

 Eight Elvises

Warhol, born in Pittsburgh, was well known for his pop art creations and his paintings of famous people. He painted everyday objects such as a Campbell’s soup can and bottles of Coca Cola. Warhol began his career as a commercial illustrator, but later gained world renown as a painter, filmmaker, record producer, and author. He lived and worked in New York City and was a prolific artist. Sadly, Warhol died at a relatively young age in 1987.

 This Warhol painting sold for $9,042,500.

Perhaps you recognize this fellow. Warhol painted Michael Jackson in 1984, and it appeared on the cover of Time Magazine on March 19 of that year. Time then donated the painting to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. where everyone can enjoy it.

This statue honors a very special man who also was from Pittsburgh. Fred Rogers  was a man of many talents. In addition to being a minister, he also was a songwriter, an educator, and the television host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. He was dissatisfied with television programming for children. As a result, Mr. Rogers began to write and perform for children on local Pittsburgh television shows. Then, in 1968 PBS worked with Mr. Rogers to develop his own television show. At the beginning of each show, Mr. Rogers changed his shoes and put on a sweater. This became the basis for the statue that honors him. Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood aired until 2001 and can still be seen in reruns.

In this photo you can see two rivers joining to create a third river at the Point in downtown Pittsburgh. The one on the left is the Allegheny and the one on the right is the Monongahela. Where they join the river becomes the Ohio.    

As you travel around Pittsburgh, you begin to notice many, many bridges. You can see in the picture above several of them. Altogether, there are several hundred bridges in The Steel City. This makes Pittsburgh the city with the most bridges in the world!

Part of Pittsburgh is high atop Mt. Washington. One interesting way to reach the top of the bluffs overlooking the city is to ride the Duquesne Incline. You can see the red cable car in the photograph above. At one time there were 18 of these cable car lines along the Monongahela River that carried both passengers and goods. Today only two remain. The view from the top is spectacular. You can see for miles and get a grand overview of the entire downtown district.  
No matter where you travel you can find interesting food, and Pittsburgh is no exception. Here are a few dishes that earned rave reviews ...   
 A tasty Italian sub
 Delectable catfish over grilled onions and red peppers above a bed of mashed potatoes
 A Primanti Brothers special sandwich, originally designed in the 1930s for mill workers. It is a meal that includes grilled meat, coleslaw, tomato, and French fries piled high on an Italian roll. Yum!
 Lobster bisque (soup)  
Seafood Trio--macadamia crusted shrimp with mango sauce, grilled salmon, and a crab cake with rice and steamed vegetables.
Also food related is this fellow, a dinosaur shaped Heinz Ketchup bottle:
Pittsburgh is the home to both Heinz and Del Monte food companies. With which Heinz and Del Monte products are you familiar? You can find many products by both companies at your grocery store.


Bailey's Leaf said...

We love Pittsburgh! You were so close to the Carnegie Science Center and you didn't get to go? :( We've visited there several times, including this past spring to see Tornado Alley and to meet Sean Casey and his crew from Storm Chasers on Discovery.

The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh are The Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Carnegie Science Center. Truly, all just wonderful places to visit. We're not right next door (an hour + away) and we go several times a year.

IKEA? The National Aviary? Oh, you have so much more yet to go.

Have a wonderful and safe trip!

scott davidson said...

A client suggested that I place a "nice painting" rather higher up on the wall of my dental surgery, so that she could see while dental work was being done for her. A good idea, I thought, to distract clients.
My nurse found and ordered this canvas print,, by Gustav Klimt, by browsing to who made our excellent print from their database of images from western art.